We have been providing spare parts for many MOCVD equipment manufacturers and research institutes with complete heating design solutions and products. We also provides MOCVD users with raw materials and parts, such as rhenium heating wire, molybdenum plate, TZM rod, tungsten screen, tungsten and molybdenum electrode, screws, nuts, etc. We are the only recognized Chinese supplier for western OEM MOCVD machines.


Our patented new design Rhenium heating element is more durable and efficient. Aside from providing customers with brand new parts, we can also provide repair and recycling for the Rhenium heating element.

We can manufacture a variety of MOCVD parts such as heat zones and Spindles using Molybdenum or Tungsten screens. Our vast machining capabilities also allows us to make high performance & high precision tungsten, molybdenum parts, and insulation materials.

MOCVD03                         MOCVD04

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