Tantalum Powder

We supply FTW series sodium-reduction tantalum powder,FTP series tantalum powder with medium voltage and high capacitance whose particle’s shape is adjusted and FTD tantalum powder with high purity and high voltage which is made from tantalum ingot and is suited for manufacturing multi-pores sintering tantalum electrolyte capacitor. The powder is used to manufacture high performance chip type or dipping type tantalum electrolyte capacitor which has the characteristics of high capacitance and low LC.

Product Specification:tapowder-small
1. FTW60、FTW80、FTW100、FTW150、FTW170、FTW230 powder with medium and high capacitance
2. FTW300、FTW400、FTW500 powder with high capacitance
3. FTW700、FTW800、FTW100k powder with high capacitance
4. FTD20、FTD25、FTD28、FTD30、FTD35、FTD40 powder with high voltage
Standard:Q/DFT 007-2005
Metallurgy Grade Tantalum Powder
We produce metallurgical grade tantalum powder that is used as the raw material to produce mill products and alloy additives.
Standard: YS/T 259-1996