Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Tungsten heavy alloy is an alloy using a matrix of tungsten with alloying elements of nickel, iron, copper and others, it has the characteristics such as: high and adjustable density(~ 18.5g/cm3), good absorption ability of high-energy radiation (1/3 higher than the absorptivity of lead), low coefficient of thermal expansion (4 ~ 6×10-6/℃), good plasticity, high strength and elasticity modulus, machinability and weldability.

Tungsten heavy alloy is widely used in radiation shielding materials, balance weight materials, inertia materials, dynamic balance materials, kinetic energy materials, high temperature molds, security & defense, nuclear medicine, and kinetic energy materials.


Our company has inherited the tradition of strict demands on our high quality products. In 2004, the company provided seven tons of tungsten heavy alloy shielding parts for the Alice detector of European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), including the largest tungsten alloy part with a weight of 1.3 tons.

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